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  • What is the relationship between True Alpha Wealth Management and Kestra?
    • True Alpha Wealth Management is associated with Kestra Private Wealth Services, which provides us proper compliance regulation and increases the efficacy of the team. They also deliver full back office support to our team, including tech support and a dedicated concierge team that we deal with daily. Typically we get through to the right person in 15 seconds or less!

  • What does True Alpha Wealth Management have that the big wirehouses do not?
    • TAWM is Autonomous and offers true independence with no pressure to do anything that is not in the client's best interest first and foremost.
    • No nickel and dime fees that are annoying and eat at your profits.
    • We offer an open platform and are not tied to any one company or product(s) – which means we have a curated selection of best in class technology, products, services, and investment options.

  • Why is it advantageous for me to transition with you?
    • What you gain in transferring to TAWM is a cohesive team atmosphere with the ability to manage your wealth for years to come. We have built systematic processes for client service, financial planning, and investment management that we believe is unparalleled in the industry.

  • Will there be any transfer costs or fees incurred from moving my accounts?
    • No, while there are fees incurred by the losing firm to transfer the accounts, TAWM will reimburse those fees to our clients.

  • How will the fees be assessed on my managed accounts?
    • The fee schedule of managed accounts will be prorated based on the time managed at TAWM. Fees are billed on a forward-looking quarterly basis at an annual flat rate with lower asset fees for higher successive levels of assets under management.


  • How long does the account transfer process last?
    • Typically, 2 weeks and you will retain full access to your accounts.

  • What checking features does TAWM offer?
    • Bill Pay / Visa Check Card / Electronic Funds Transfer


Curated Technology

 Being independent has given us the freedom to use a wide variety of platforms and provide our clients the best in class technology and software the industry has to offer in every important area.  We are never one step behind, instead we lead and adapt!  We use the following Tech platforms:


  •  Wealthscape
    • This is the client access portal from Fidelity NFS. It is state of the art and available on all platforms – computer, phone, and iPad, etc. 24/7/365.
  • E-money
    • Holistic financial planning software that provides a client's entire financial profile. Which is tailored specific to your needs and includes:  Client online access to goal monitoring, net worth statements, performance monitoring, budgeting and much more in both simplified and sophisticated detailed views.
  • Albridge
    • TAWM's performance monitoring service used to generate client reports for client reviews, which includes analysis at the portfolio and individual account level. Reports include asset allocation, size and style analysis, performance reporting, cost basis, and tax analysis.
  • Thompson Reuters
    • Thompson Reuters Eikon is used to manage and monitor portfolios risk for all TAWM portfolios.
  • Morningstar
    • Morningstar is the standard in the industry for mutual fund, ETF, CEF, variable annuity and insurance company investment vehicles.
  • Marketsmith
    • Marketsmith is Investor Business Daily's Stock charting service, which is used to filter for attractive investment ideas (Stocks, ETF's, CEF's and MF's).


Investment Modeling

TAWM manages portfolios using client-specific custom-tailored models, based on each client's investment objectives and risk tolerance. Portfolio models are built, managed and monitored by our investment committee lead by Brian, who has over 34 years of investment management experience and is the firm's CIO and Sr. Portfolio Manager..  Client models are custom-made - typically consisting of one or more of the following sleeves: (each independentaly monitored for efficient management)

      Long Term Growth                                                     Size and Style ETF

      Growing Income                                                        Taxable Fixed Income           

      Sector-based ETF                                                     Tax-free Fixed Income

TAWM manages both active and passive strategies for the firm's clients.


  • Passive, non-tactical models. (client-tailored passive strategies with quarterly rebalancing)
  • Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) implemented by various providers.
  • Active, Tactical, or Passive strategies from several providers:
    • American / Blackrock / Horizon, to name a few


Financial Planning

E-Money is TAWM's financial planning software. It is a powerful all-in-one planning tool that clients use to monitor net worth and track performance relative to their financial plan. Being able to consolidate and organize an individual's financial situation is pivotal to achieving proper goal progression. E-money allows us to add any external account, vault any important document, and set short or long term goals that you will see tracked in real-time.