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Wealth Management Strategies for Non-Profits

Creating an Effective Investment Strategy

Creating an Effective Investment Strategy

Non-Profits cannot survive on donations alone so they need to be smart about their investment strategy. Their portfolio needs to achieve growth and attain sustainability so that it can support the goals of the organization. With the tremendous changes in the investment options over the last few decades, it is now possible for even small to mid-sized nonprofits to have a diversified low-cost strategy. Proper portfolio construction, which complies with the organization's investment policy statement, is what we do best. We are able to offer low-cost stock and bond funds, allocate the money appropriately and rebalance periodically. We help non-profit boards think in longer terms while managing risk.

We can help your board and your donors with their philanthropic intentions through:

  • Establishing a donor-advised fund
  • Explaining planned giving
  • Helping with charitable intentions through a retirement account
  • Donating shares of highly appreciated stock
  • Other ways to donate

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