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Overview of Inheritance

How We Help Manage Your Inheritance 

If you are searching for solutions to help you manage an inheritance or a loved one's estate, True Alpha Wealth Management can help you navigate the difficult path through estate settlement. In the early days of coping with a loss, you may need to make significant financial decisions and take action quickly. Whether you are contending with the loss of a spouse, parent, or other people close to you, there are many items that may need your attention. You will likely want to start by gathering the records and documents you will need.
Inheriting assets involves different steps for everyone. Let us point you in the right direction so you can begin taking ownership of your inheritance.

We will guide you through the estate process by assisting you with:

  • Cash and bank deposits that may or may not have a direct beneficiary designation. We can help you make sound decisions regarding cash accounts whether you are the trustee, executor, or beneficiary.
  • Investment accounts that may or may not have a named beneficiary. We can help with re-titling the accounts in the name of the estate if necessary and guide you through the eventual distribution process for the beneficiaries.
  • Retirement accounts and all of their income and rollover options. Retirement accounts are complicated and we can help. “Inherited IRA: What you should know
  • Trusts where you are the named trustee and/or the beneficiary
  • Annuities and all of their complicated payout or rollover options.
  • Life insurance payout process and tax implications of your options.
  • Real estate and other valuables are usually illiquid assets and take longer to settle than financial accounts. Talk to us about how we can work with your estate planning attorney to streamline this process.

Inherited Retirement Account 

Retirement accounts may need immediate attention. We can help you with your inherited IRA, 401(K), 403(b), and 457 plans. You have just inherited a retirement account from a loved one. An inherited IRA is very complex and can easily lead to confusion for you as the beneficiary. Retirement accounts have special requirements for distributions following a death depending on the beneficiary’s age and relationship to the deceased. . You can depend on us to clarify and simplify your options with your inherited retirement account.

Inherited IRAs: What You Should Know

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