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Managing Inheritance and Large Windfall

Sudden wealth can come from many different avenues. You may have been notified that you will be receiving an inheritance, just won the Mega Millions, or settled a lawsuit. Perhaps you sold the gaming program you wrote for a large sum of money or you just signed a lucrative contract with your employer. We have had over two decades of experience working with sudden wealth recipients. We know how to navigate what works and what does not work. You have an amazing opportunity to create a better life for yourself and others. We want to be a part of your team that keeps you focused on the long term.

We Can Help Manage Your New Wealth


If you have recently lost a loved one, or are helping someone who has, we know this can be a very difficult time. We can help you understand the process and we can help you get organized. We have a simple checklist that will guide you through what documents to collect and what steps to take, giving you the confidence you need. We have an excellent perspective on what you need to do and what to expect during the estate settlement process.

Inheritance Overview

Large Windfall

A large windfall usually comes, at most, once in a lifetime. We can help you use it wisely. You may feel overwhelmed and anxious to act immediately upon receiving a large windfall. We would urge you to be patient and make a plan. We can work with you and your family to make sound decisions for today and the future. Part of what we do is to help you make those difficult decisions about purchasing a new home, a new car, or jewelry. You may be inundated with requests from friends, family, and charities. You may be thinking about bestowing a large sum upon your children but you want to do it as a lifelong and impactful gift. We can help you prioritize your goals in an easy-to-follow report that will show you how much wealth you will have at each stage of your journey. One of your goals may be to sustain your wealth for multiple generations; we can help you set up a tax-efficient plan.


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